We no longer know how to wait

“When we expect SMS from a loved one, every second is important. Today’s seconds are like the previous days. We no longer know how to wait “. Writer David Fonkinos that we lost by destroying the waiting time.

Before lovers wrote letters to each other and for many days waited for an answer. The words addressed to another were weighed in all ways. It even happened that the literary form in which our feelings will be clothed was in a dream. We knew that as soon as the words fall on paper, they will gradually move away from us. Now everything is different: we turned to the nothing time of waiting. The connections between people are saturated with immediateness, they connect us instantly. Earthly distances and partings have never been reduced to such nullity in the history of mankind. This implies a completely new range of emotions, which we discover for ourselves – to joy or on the grief.

After all, there are not only good sides to be like that. Not at all! The main enemy here is the name “Waiting for a response to a message”. This is a modern embodiment of love torments. Before we knew that phones could connect us with each other;Now we comprehend from our own experience that they can be a very painful means of rejection. When we, for example, expect SMS from a loved one, every second is important. Today’s seconds are like the previous days. “Why doesn’t he answer me?”The question becomes inevitable, relentless. We no longer know how to wait. You can go crazy from this. How they used to live, how they suffered for weeks in anticipation of an answer to find out what the other feels? How they did, these turtles of love? In any case, clearly better than us. This is absurd: another, maybe, just do not want to answer immediately, immediately. In the end, receiving a message does not imply an immediate answer. The speed of transmission should not necessarily mean the speed of messaging. A person has the right to read, re -read, hesitate. This is still allowed, unless not?

And by the way, it is often the best thing to do so: hesitate before answering. The instant connection connecting us with each other implies something like a continuous, without the slightest respite, a tennis match between two hearts. As soon as I read it, I immediately answered. Our era is no longer engaged in digestion. We eliminated the emotional “digestive tract”. We share our present with each other when it has not yet ceased to be real. Twitter – the embodiment of this exaltation of the present. And quite noticeable losses from this immediate immediateness are already noticeable: anyone who did not pull the safety net under their impulsiveness risks painfully. We have tools that do not allow us to think before doing something. From here there is a lot of love troubles. So be careful, pause in conversations. But with all that (and this is the beauty of the paradox) it is precisely complete spontaneity that often gives us the courage to pronounce a declaration of love.

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